How to Look Good for All Ages

Being a woman is no easy feat. In fact, women have a lot more going than we could imagine. Gone were the days that only female celebs have to put up with a lot of scrutiny from the public, even regular women have an image to keep. With so little time, it is a struggle to juggle all of the responsibilities as a woman, let alone to look their best.


Tips That All Could Follow

  1. Have Adequate Sleep
    Your body is not a machine and it needs enough of rest to restore it to its former glorious self. That being said, this also applies to our skin. It does not matter if you are busy career women, a mother or a regular college student. You must give yourself enough of rest. (8 hours a day to be exact)

    No time for masks? Clinelle PureSWISS Sleeping Mask is here to help. Handy and fairly light, this night cream can help restore your skin’s moisture and keeps it hydrated. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about oversleeping your mask time because you can leave it overnight and rinse it the next morning!



  1. Eat Well, Eat Healthy and Exercise!
    There is always a saying about how the food that you ingest makes the person you are. Well, sad to say that this is no longer a myth. Whatever you eat can certainly affect your body inside out. Hence, it is important to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and eat enough! Also, it is best not to skip on your greens as they are important if you want a glowing skin.

    Besides having a healthy diet, you should also move your bodies! Nothing beats a good sweat to keep you energised but for the busy peeps, Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Bundle can help you there. This handy hot cream improves your figure and your skin tone at the same time.

  2. Mind Your Hygiene
    Personal hygiene is important. It is all the more important even if you are busy as a bee. Busy schedules should not be the reason to not care for your personal hygiene daily and that includes not washing your face and removing your makeup thoroughly before going to bed.

    Also, you have to care not just for your skin’s hygiene but also your overall hygiene as well, especially for people with acne problems. This is because other body parts such as your hair and hands are the two parts of your body that could often touch your face and possibly cause breakouts. For those who use makeup often, it will be best to clean your makeup brushes from time to time too.

  3. Do not be lazy!
    Whether it is exercising or skin care, one should not be lazy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From staying active to caring for your skin, we should always be diligent and our skin will thank you for it. No matter how busy you are do not skip your skincare or workout regimen unless you really do not have a choice.

    With Clinelle’s Deep Cleansing Water and Clinelle’s PureSWISS Hydracalm Cleansing Gel, you can be sure to swiftly have a clean face at the end of the day. They are both not only skin friendly but fairly easy to use too. All you need is only 5-10  minutes before going to bed and after you wake up.

  1. Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
    It means no worries for the rest of your days
    - From the song Hakuna Matata of the Lion King
    (This is a Swahili phrase that is roughly translated to “No worries.)

    No, you do not need to throw away all your responsibilities away. What you need to do is stay happy! Mental wise, it is always important to have a positive mindset but it is also important to release those mental stress when needed through crying or speaking to another person. Physically, it can be hard to keep up with the entire weight loss or staying healthy regimen so reward yourself once a week with your favourite snack or meal. Furthermore, you can also take a break from your workout once or twice a week to allow your body to rest.


There is always the right time for everything. The skin care regimen you use as you grow up differs as we age. This is because there are factors that can cause changes in our skin condition, such as environmental factors, hormonal changes, stress, and lifestyle. What was used in the past may not even work in the present? Hence, it is important to cater to the needs of your current skin condition.

If you are unsure of what to get, you can customize your own bedtime skincare regimen based on Clinelle’s Skin Regimen Tips.