How To Choose The Right Cleanser?

Your hesitation? There are many types of cleansers – creams, lotions, milks, soap bars or gels. How to choose a right facial cleanser suit your skin type and skin concern?


Why you need a facial cleanser? The facial cleanser primarily by clearing away the dirt, grime and dead skin cells, thus facilitating the production and easy travels of new skin cells. You will regain a more youthful and healthy appearance if you have choose the right facial cleanser suit you the best.


The first question you need to ask yourself, what is your skin type?

Normal skin: This skin type has a proper balance of moisture, oil and durability.

What cleanser best for you?


Oily skin: The oily skin look shiny, greasy or oily. The oily skin has the excessive sebum production which will trigger to large pores, blackheads or other blemishes.

What cleanser best for you?


Dry skin: The dry skin can be almost invisible pores and dull, rough skin complexion. Sometime can also produce to red patches on some face part.

What cleanser best for you?


Sensitive skin: This skin type often feels tight or itchy, and experience allergic reaction. 

What cleanser best for you?


Combination skin: A combination skin type can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone. 

What cleanser best for you?


Healthy skin, how?

Pick a right cleanser and cleanse your skin twice a day; every morning and night before bed, no matter what. Your skin looks clean doesn’t mean it is, get rid of the invisible impurities that can harm your skin and enjoy the happy skin, happy face journey. 

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