How To Choose A Right Moisturizer For Your Skin?

Moisturizing is a crucial part of daily skincare routine. After cleansing your face, you need to moisturize your face regardless your skin type. The reason is because cleansing will strip away water that is needed for your skin. Your skin needs water to keep plump and smooth, when skin loses moisture, your skin loses elasticity and more prone to formation of wrinkles. With moisturizer, it seals the water in your skin while enhancing skin tone and texture, as well as cover up imperfections.

How to pick a right moisturizer?

The moisturizer you should use vary depending on your skin type. Selecting an appropriate facial moisturizer can be tough, the wrong moisturizer can irritate skin and clog pores. To avoid unwanted breakouts, choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type! Once you figured out your skin type, you are on your way to getting the best corresponding moisturizer and ensure you promising results. Click here for information about understanding your skin type or do a quick quiz to know your skin.


Normal Skin

Congratulations! Most moisturizers work great for your skin. Just pick a water-based moisturizer which is lightweight and non-greasy to maintain the optimum moisture balance of the skin.

Dry Skin

Moisturizing is a must for people with dry skin. Without a daily dose of moisturizer, your skin would be itchy, tight, flaky or even peel. To soothe and revive dry skin, you should use an oil-based, heavier, and richer moisturizer to trap moisture inside your skin. Clinelle Intense Skin Moisturizer contains ingredients that restore and keeps your dry skin moist. For very dry skin, you might need to apply a moisturizing cream that contains more lipids than lotion. Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Cream is a moisturizing cream that can deeply moisturize your skin and prevent water in your skin from evaporating.

Oily Skin

Most people with oily skin think that moisturizer is superfluous to them. However, oily skin type needs moisturizer just as much as dry skin. It is because when your skin is dry, it will start to trigger oil production to balance it out. You should look for water-based moisturizers that are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Oil-free moisturizer gives your skin sufficient moisture without extra shine while moisturizer that labeled non-comedogenic would not cause clogged pores. Clinelle Moisturize Glow is perfectly designed for people with oily skin, which can break down skin's excess oil and regulate oil production to keep skin in balance.

Combination Skin

Treating combination skin is complicated because different areas of face required a different type of moisturizers. You should choose an oil-based, heavier moisturizer and apply it to where the skin is dry while using a water-based, oil-free moisturizer to oily zone, T-zone. To make it simple, apply Clinelle Moisturize Glow for nose, chin and forehead and Clinelle Intense Skin Moisturizer for other areas. Indeed, it is very time-consuming and costly, but your skin will gratitude for what you did.

Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin, you should be very careful when choosing a moisturizer. Opt for the moisturizer that is gentle, oil-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic which is designed for sensitive skin. In addition, avoid a moisturizer that contains potential allergens, such as fragrances and artificial coloring that can cause irritation to your skin. Most sensitive skin advantage from basic moisturizer without tons of added chemicals, the more ingredients inside a moisturizer, the higher chance the moisturizer cause havoc on your skin. Hence, try to choose a moisturizer with minimalist ingredients.

Keep in mind that your skin type may vary depending on varying factors. You may need to change your moisturizer over time. Besides, the requirement of skin on moisturizer also affected by the change of seasons, environment and other circumstances. For example, you need a thicker moisturizer at nighttime such as Clinelle WhitenUp Night Cream for skin regeneration meanwhile, you may want a thinner moisturizer with SPF for protection like Clinelle WhitenUp Day Cream with SPF20.


Tips when using Moisturizer:

  • Moisturize your skin daily to get rid of wrinkles
  • Moisturize before bed
  • Apply moisturizer to damp skin instead of dry skin
  • Apply moisturizer before sunscreen
  • Apply in upward strokes (reverse gravity)
  • Do not forget to cover your neck and chest
  • Do not apply too much of moisturizer which might clog your pores and leave your skin greasy
  • Do not rub vigorously into your face
  • Use separate moisturizer for eye, such as Clinelle Eye Bright


Moisturizer serves as a protective barrier for your skin, keep the water in your skin from evaporating, yet defend your skin against harsh pollutants. Click here to shop for your moisturizer!