Simple Tricks to Lose Weight

Weight Loss is another wall to cross before you are able to get your desired body. What you need are these simple tricks to help you through this long road called weight loss.


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#2. Starvation Is NOT The Way

Starving yourself does not guarantee you a sexy body. In fact, starving yourself can end up giving you these painful health problems:


  • 1. Malnutrition
  • 2. Fatigue
  • 3. Dehydration
  • 4. Menstruation Loss for the ladies
  • 5. Constipation



#3. Carbs & Fats are friends, not foes.

Carbs and fats are one of your friends when you lose weight. This is because carbs are the source of energy that your body needs whereas healthy fats such as omega 6 and omega-3 fatty acids found in butter help your brain function properly and improve skin health. With an adequate amount of carbs in your diet, you can definitely lose weight efficiently.


#4. Snack Time For Everyone!

Snacking in between meals is not necessarily a bad thing. All you have to do is watch what you eat. Keeping healthy munchies like banana, apples, cucumbers or even nuts handy can help you in keeping your cravings at bay. Furthermore, snacking can also help to keep your food intake in check by preventing you from overeating during the next meal.


#6. Don’t Fail To Plan

Take some time off to work out the week's meal and grocery list. You can carefully plan them over the weekends for better time management of the meals later on.


#7. Ready, Get Set & Go!

Whenever you have time during the weekends, start preparing your meals in bulks. Take a day or two to prepare your meals for the entire week.


#8. Time is of Essence.

Aside from planning your next meal, you can also start by planning your workouts. From the kind of regimens to the workout time, it is important to plan your exercise time properly. Jot down your workout times on a notebook and be sure to keep track of it.

#9. Reach For The Sky!

It is good to keep goals and weight loss targets realistic. However, realistic goals during your weight loss can pose more difficulties in maintaining the hype. Be ambitious and reach for the stars! Set difficult goals that could keep you pumped up to achieve them but you can also set mini goals in between as a stepping stone to your bigger target.


#10. Don’t Lose Your Way.

If something is not working out for you, fret not and find other alternatives. A person’s diet and workout regimen may change due to external environmental factors and aging process. Hence, our diet and workout regimen does not have to be followed too closely. If something is amidst, you can work your way around it.