Is It Too Early For Anti Aging Products?

How young is considered as too young to start using anti-aging products? Characteristics of skin are changing through every stage we went through, the focus of anti-aging criteria also deviate through every phase. If you are still using that skin care product your mom gave you on 13th birthday, throw it away as it most probably not suitable for your skin now (unless you are 14th this year).


Did you know that 90% of wrinkles are the results from sun damage? Long term, exposure to the sun would result in premature wrinkles and unsightly spots! To avoid looking older at your age, it is all about proper sun care! You must wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day, and reapply it when necessary. UV Defense 50 could effectively prevent skin from absorbing chemical sunscreen and minimize the impact of sun’s harmful UV rays.

At this age, do not use other anti-aging products other than sunscreens. Too much of rich ingredients would eventually, cause breakouts for young people.


During the early 20s, your skin cellular turnover is high, it grants you a fresh and glowing skin. However, activities such as late-night partying, sporting under the sun are unavoidable in this phase. It comes at a cost, fine lines and wrinkles would start to sneak up in your late 20s. Look into your eye! Some young people already suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.


As skin around the eye area is one of the thinnest skin on the human body, it would cause premature fines lines and wrinkles easily if without proper care. In the early 20s, you should begin the journey on eye care. Although you might not have fine lines in your age, but dry and poor blood circulation may cause problems. Before the appearance of first fine lines, you should consider Clinelle's  Eye Bright  CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum  that could improve your skin condition to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area.


23 to 25-years-old is at the peak of skin condition. Starting from 25-27 years old, the skin would begin the aging process. 25 years old is the sweet spot for you to include anti-aging products in your skincare regime. Collagen starts to break down in the late 20s. Most of the skin issues will begin from this age. As your skin started losing the ability to retain moisture, moisturizer becomes indispensable. Lack of water would cause rough and dull skin, subsequently, wrinkles and fine lines would appear. You should choose a moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants like Clinelle's Purifying Gel Moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated while promoting speedy scar healing. Night time skin care is extremely important due to the fact that rate of cell division at night is much higher (10 times more) than during the day, Clinelle's WhitenUp Night Creamcould restore your fatigue skin and inhibit melanin formation during night time.


Do not select products that contain a heavy concentration of peptides at this age. It might be great for people in their 30s or 40s but it could overdrive your skin cells and lead to major irritations. Major irritations are also due to the overproduction of collagen and excessive cell turnover. Hence, do not forget to use a product that consists of SPF consistently. Besides that, people in their 30s may begin to suffer from uneven skin tone, age spots, pigmentation due to the consequences of sun exposure in 20s.

In your 30s, you should begin comprehensive anti aging regimen. Apart from hydration and moisturize, you would need to include products that contain peptides that trigger collagen production, which firm, lift, and prevent skin from sagging. WhitenUp EE Even Effect Cream is the great product that rich in peptides, ensure you perfect flawless skin and maintain your skin at the 30s, or even 20s.


As the hormone secretion starts to decline in the 40s, lack of moisture and wrinkles could be seen significantly. What is more is that the strogen level is diminishing and your skin becomes dehydrated. Reduction of collagen synthesis even speeds up after menopause. Neck and décolleté area that often be neglected start wrinkling. At this age, you should invest in Clinelle's CaviarGold range that formulated with powerful, effective, and paraben free youth restoring ingredients.


1. Cleanser:

Most of people prefer choosing powerful face cleansers. However, cleansers that are too strong might strip away our skin sebum, result in over dry and peeling skin. Without instant hydration, they will suffer from fine lines problem. No matter what your skin type, you should acquire a gentle cleanser. It is similar to acne

prone face, cleansers that are too strong will aggravate acne problem.(Click here to check out Cleanser Series that would not irritate and over strip your skin.)


2. Exfoliation:

Regular exfoliation can remove dead skin cell, promote skin cell regeneration, accelerate cell metabolism, making your skin look younger. The Skin Smoothing Scrub with Marine Beads from Clinelle also consists of the dual exfoliation functions that gently remove dead skin while combination with extracts and vitamins. This product can also help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


3. What are the other factors that causes skin aging?

You should avoid other acts that would lead to skin aging, including a unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, nicotine, and stress. Prevention is better than cure! Even though you might not have aging problem now, start now to prevent it from happening. Your effort on skin aging process will be reflected on your skin after years of skincare!