The Myth of “Fragrance Free”

As a human, we are all attracted to pleasant smells. The first thing most people do when testing a skincare product is to smell it. It feels wonderful to have a product with great aroma, but it doesn't mean anything to good skin care. If you have a sensitive, reddened skin, you need to pay extra attention when choosing skin care products. Your goal is to find an artificial fragrance-free skin care products.

Since other ingredients in skin care formulas might not impart a pleasing scent, and manufacturers understand the “smelling” behavior of customers before purchasing skin care products, hence fragrance products are produced.


Why is good smell a disaster?

Artificial fragrance, normally derived from various chemicals, is a huge problem for any skin type, particularly problematic for sensitive skin. Fragrance merely enhances the odor of products without serving any beneficial attribute. Artificial fragrance topped the list of causes of allergic reactions in the skin. It can lead to irritation that could be visible or invisible on the skin. You might feel itchy, flaky, or redness on skin's surface, concurrently damages of the fragrance are silently occurring inside your skin. It can lead to collagen breakdown, disrupt the skin's ability to heal and defend against environmental damages. It all undergoes quietly without any significant sign, until years later.


“Fragrance-Free”? “Unscented”?

Just like the word “natural”, the terms “fragrance-free” and “unscented” do not have a legal definition and are not governed by any regulation. Generally, “fragrance-free” barely mean there is no fragrance in the products. It means there are no scent additives added. On the other hand, “unscented” product normally contains fragrance. The fragrance is added to mask the scent of other ingredients that might not be pleasant. As fragrance is the number-one cause of the allergic reaction, hence fragrance-free is recommended over unscented.


Can you smell it out?

Nearly impossible. Some fragrance is used to deliver pleasant odor, but some are used to mask the smell of other ingredients. Some ingredients have natural fragrance and some are not. If you open a fragrance-free product and still smell something, do not confuse because it is the scent of the ingredients. It Is challenging to distinguish between artificial fragrance and the actual smell of ingredients. The best way is to make sure your screen through the ingredient label and wave of products that contain artificial fragrances, try to avoid the terms that read “parfum” or “fragrance”. If possible, apply trace amount of tester that labeled fragrance-free on your wrist and waits for a few hours to see if your skin has any reaction.

Fragrance-free is the best for sensitive skin? No, it is for all skin types. Not everyone will react to artificial fragrances, but it is still the most common allergen found in a beauty product, so why bear the risk to use products that potentially irritate your skin? Artificial fragrance is potentially a harmful ingredient that linked to many health issues, from allergies to cancer. In Clinelle, we do not include artificial fragrance in any of our products. You have no worries about all nasty synthetics, none of our ingredients being added to threaten your skin's health. We promise to deliver you safe products that can improve your skin rather than worsen.