How To Keep Your Skin Glowing And Healthy In Ramadhan?

How to keep up a glowing, radiant and healthy complexion during Ramadhan? The sudden change in dietary habits will affect your body and skin that directly show to your skin complexion. Your skin will look dull and rough during the Holy-month.

Hydration is the key!

Water, water, and water: To keep a glowing and healthy skin complexion and to prevent your body and skin from dehydration, especially during Ramadhan – the long fasting hours. Don’t forget to drink necessary amount of water between your Suhour and Iftar.

Proper skin care routine!

In order to have a beautiful and glowing skin in Ramadhan. Make sure that you are following the proper steps for your skin care.  Practice! Cleanse, tone, moisture, and do not forget the sun protection for the skin. Cleanse with the Caviar Gold Firming Cleanser that provides the Triple Gold Firming and Lifting Complex. It slows down the aging process and promotes the skin renewal for younger looking you.

Don’t forget to double cleanse your face with or without makeup to remove the impurities from your face that cause blemishes and aging.

Spritz your skin every day, anytime with PureSWISS Thermal Spring Water before moisturizer, as a refreshing booster at your desk and kick away the greasy residue.  

Don’t neglect your eye area! Many of us always neglect the delicate eye area. It’s too late for you to act if the dark eye circles, wrinkles and fines line appear. To enjoy a lifted and firmed eye, make sure to moisture the eye area with the Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum. Not to mention sleeping well also important to your skin.

Moisturizing your skin and restore elasticity to escape the clock of aging. Skin is firmed, nourished and protected with the Caviar Gold Firming Cream.

Flawless perfect skin with the WhitenUp EE Cream. Multiple functions of skin care benefits with the makeup benefits. Retain your skin health with this multi-corrections cream delivers whitening, hydration, anti-aging repair and sun protection SPF 50 PA+++ and giving immediate skin perfecting coverage for an evened and fresh-faced complexion.

Good to remember!

Include fresh fruits and vegetables that rich in vitamins and minerals for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated in Ramadhan.