How To Keep Your Skin Fresh In The Hot Weather?

Thanks to El Nino, an unheralded weather phenomenon that causes temperatures to soar, we are melting. As the weather is getting warmer, it aggravates our skin's oil secretion and leads to our face full of shine. The intense weather also affects our skin's moisture, causing our skin to sweat and dry out our skin. Coupled with strong UV radiation, dark spots, acne and other annoying skin problems are more likely to occur. Moreover, the increased usage of air conditioning, fans or frequency of showering due to hot weather can also contribute to the dry and dull skin. In such a terribly hot weather, even though you are lazy, you have to follow the tips listed below to keep your skin fresh.


Let's start with the common-sense approach:

Keep away from the sun!

Avoid exposure to the sun, try to limit your outdoor activities under the noonday sun. Reduce sun exposure, particularly around 10 a.m. to 4 am. If exposure to the sun is inevitable, protect your skin by wearing a long-sleeve shirt, hat, sunglasses or using an umbrella to form a protective barrier between the sun and your skin.


Sunscreen is always the focus of skin care as UV damage accounts for 90 percent of skin aging signs. Neglecting to wear sunscreen can lead to skin darkening, aging, and even skin cancer, hence sunscreen is essential to use in such extreme weather. Although sunscreen might not have a cooling effect, but its protective effect is essential during hot weather. It can prevent your skin from sun damages, and sunburn that causes your body to lose fluids.


So, what kind of sun protecting product should we apply in such hot weather? First, you should choose a sunscreen with high SPF and labeled broad spectrum that ensures UVA and UVB protection. UV Defense SPF50 is a great example of a good sunscreen that can protect you from sun ray while giving you nourishing and moisturizing benefits. Do apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out. Make sure to reapply sunscreen every few hours to allow protection throughout the day. However, do not reapply sunscreen too frequent, you might give your skin too much oil that blocks your skin pores and trigger acne.


Deep Cleansing!

Before washing your face with cleanser, cool off the heat on the face with cold water. After long exposure to hot weather, your skin might be full of sweat, oil, and dirt. By using a general cleanser, it can only clean off dirt and grease on your surface. To completely clean your face without stripping the skin's natural moisture, you should use a gentle foamy cleanser like Deep Cleansing Gel that can clean your face effectively while control oil production. Keep in mind that even though you might feel your skin greasy, do not clean your face more than twice a day. Frequent cleansing will only make your skin even drier and worsen the situation.


Rely solely on daily cleansing is far from keeping your skin fresh. Exfoliation is extraordinarily important in hot weather because of sweat, oil and other air, dirt will accumulate and clog your enlarged pores, leads to the formation of acne. You have to exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week to remove unwanted dead skin cells that dehydrate and shed more frequently in hot weather as well as improve blood circulation to the face. Skin Smoothing Scrub is a unique Exfoliators that perform dual exfoliation functions – both liquid and mechanical to gently remove dull skin surface and soften skin texture.


Cool Down!

After suffering from the hot weather throughout the day, even there might no any direct damages to your skin, your skin also lost a lot of moisture. After cleansing and toning the face, you should apply Caviar Gold Firming Facial Mask to replenish your moisture, heal sunburned skin and cool down your skin while boosting skin's moisture and elasticity. For the cooling effect, you might store the CaviarGold Firming Facial Mask in the fridge before using it.



Due to hot weather and continuous sweating, our facial skin dehydrated more quickly than one can imagine. Hence, You need to drink water from time to time to keep your skin hydrated. You may also use a facial spray such as Moisture glow will retain the skin moisture balance is intensively restored and maintained for optimal hydration. Skin's elasticity and texture are maintained while fine lines and wrinkles are minimized even during the hot weather.


After suffering from the hot weather throughout the day, night time is the key to repairing the damages. Heavy, creamy moisturizer like WhitenUp Night Cream is the best for night time use. It nourishes your skin and in habit melanin formation.


Under the hot weather, sweating is unavoidable. Avoid using your hands to wipe the sweat off your face. Touching your face with hands simply spreads the bacteria to your face, increase the chance of breaking out. Instead, use a tissue or oil blotting paper to blot your skin.


This is all the tips to keep your skin fresh in the hot weather! Follow the tips and hotter than the hot weather.